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Speed LevitchTimothy “Speed” Levitch is a tour guide by vocation and a playwright by nature; he performs in life and on stage and screen, a lifeartist-of-sorts. He has appeared in independent films such as, The Cruise and Waking Life. He was the voice of private detective Hoop Schwartz in the Cartoon Network comedy, Stroker and Hoop. Levitch’s walking tour guidebook of New York City neighborhoods, entitled Speedology,was published by Context Books in 2002. Recently, he has been building new Speedology tours of San Francisco, Kansas City, a lost neighborhood of Chicago and Los Angeles. He is also currently performing a series of 75 minute monologues in living rooms.Speed is available for speaking engagements as well as comedy theatrical performances. Contact us at speed at speedisms dot com with a proposal including date, occassion, location, fee, travel arrangements, and per diem.Speed’s FILMOGRAPHY – IMDB  SPEED ON WIKIPEDIA 


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The TV shoots images and sounds at me. The cruise just happened to be in the exact DVD player that was connected to the light and sound box. My initial dismissal of everything speed said was most likely a dismissal of any part of myself that i didn’t quite understand yet; The part of me that feels private inside the box of clear, visually unobscure glass and metal called a car, wherein i sing loudly, and put fingers in private places and dig out private treasures. Yes, he was frightening because he was the representation of a truly exposed being. I even labeled it as annoying; as if boundlessness was a problem. His discriptions were dichotomous, but relatively logical. Everyone that ever watched this movie with me afterwords went through the same mourning process: puzzlement, rejection, submission, re-evaluation, rejection and it culminates with not an affirmation of Speed Levitch, but at least the acknowledgement that there are entities unlike myself out there and they do, in fact, make sense.

Comment by m. jay cook

So, Speed, Have you become the person your grandparents wished you would become, have you become the person they feared you would become, or have you become an entirely different creature altogether?

Comment by Anne Babson

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