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The aphorism is an ancient form.  Le Rouchefoucauld, one of the great aphorists of all time, was a French nobleman who lived during the immense gossipy epoch of French history called “The Fronde.” At the age of fifty-two, Rouchefoucauld became disillusioned with humanity he locked himself away and composed five-hundred autonomous sentences, one-liners, that he hoped would put an end to all bullshit.  His aphorisms are still circulating in the circulatory system of French culture and morality.  The aphorism, part philosophy, part poetry, is a sentence too powerful to be punctuated, too significant to be associated with a paragraph.  Other great aphorists in history are Walter Benjamin, E.M. Cioran, Lermentov, and Woody Allen.  

My first and, at this point, only publisher, Beau Friedlander, scoffed at me when I first told him I was an aphorist.  Beau immediately replied, “The aphorism  is a very, very difficult form.”  Eventually, as our writer/publisher relationship evolved, Beau said that he wanted to publish a book of my aphorisms that he planned to entitle, “Speedisms.”  It was around that time that Beau’s publishing company went out-of-business.  


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And I would STILL like to publish that book!!!

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