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Speedism #5
October 31, 2007, 8:02 am
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People riot the same way they orgasm. This is why the riots of men end as fast as they begin and have never really changed anything. Woman’s riot will be an ever-expanding, multiple, only-accumulating rebellion that will shatter this paradigm forever.

The Greek God Zeus turned Teiresias into a woman for seven years so that at the end of the seven years, Zeus could ask Teiresias who – man or woman – was enjoying sex more. Teiresias giggled and answered Zeus…”Isn’t it obvious?” Hera, Zeus’s wife, Queen of the Gods, then blinded Teiresias as punishment for sharing woman’s primary secret. Don’t you think Teiresias’s giggle would have been even louder if Zeus had asked him whose riot – man or woman’s – would be more effective?

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